How to play


  • WASD or Arrow Keys to Move
  • Left Mouse to Attack
  • Right Mouse to Use Ability

Enemy Killed → Stunned State → Press Space to POSSESS


  • Spider (Small Square):  Attack → Revolver,  Ability → Dash
  • Serpent (Tall Square): Attack → Homing Discs, Ability → Phase (Invulnerable & Faster)
  • Knight (Large Square): Attack → Sword, Ability → Stomp (Ground Pound)

Other Systems

  • Red Bars → Health Points (regain on POSSESS)
  • White Bars → Ability Charges (regain on KILL)
  • Enemy Bars → Enemy's Health Points


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+ Seeing the level count and total amount of levels was motivating. I knew the game wasn't randomly generated.
+ An in-game explanation and an initial pause of the game would help a lot.
+ Also, the shooting sfx got somewhat old.

However, I did find the game quite fun. The idea is executed pretty well. I liked the art style as well.


It's was fun and the balance is great


I really enjoyed this :)

Thank you!